Thomas Emmanuel Amacker is a Swiss singer and song-writer of Italian roots who plays a number of different instruments. In the spring of 2004 Thomas, then in a trio, writes and publishes the group’s first electro-acoustic album of which the prestigious French magazine “Rock & Folk” declared that it was “held high by an outstanding vocal and musical mastery”, a “real revelation”.

In 2012, after a couple of experiences in different groups dedicated to rock music (amongst others the garage trio Black Ananda) Thomas, under the name of Mumbling Thom, records a disk solo on which he plays himself all the instruments, save the percussions.

This eponymous album / The album “Eponymus” distils a rock-folk imbued with energy, mainly inspired by the culture and rythms of Native Americans – but where other influences come up too: Afro, blues, psychedelic, even heavy-metal notes. This first trial, launched in a galop, turned itself into the firm favorite, the “heart-stopper” of the Swiss magazine “Daily Rock”. It singled itself out by its consistently poetic vein which served as the unifying link between the irony, at times even cynicism, but mostly gentleness of the atmospheres conjured up by the thirteen texts.

With “Life is a Laugh” Thomas goes on his second solitary jaunt and offers us eleven new pieces of folk blended with soul, entirely recorded, produced and arranged by Serge Morattel (Lofofora, Knut, Stevans, The Crags, The Animen).

This latest opus is strikingly powerful, solar as well as intimate and signals a new step towards the musician’s maturity.